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MSRP $2,349

LWT CF AG Composite

The NEW S100 PANTERA Carbon Fiber AG Composite redefines long-range shooting by combining pure precision in a compact size with a lightweight and appealing look. With ergonomics at the fore, SAUER provides a highly efficient, yet elegant platform for long-range shooting. The compact 20-inch fluted and Semi-weight barrel offers multiple shot consistency and comes Threaded.

Next to the unique features of this new S100, the coating is purely top of the line, with the barrel surface and action coated with CERAKOTE along with the AG Composite Stock is CERAKOTED with Carbon Fiber.

Together with these assuring features, the PANTERA benefits from the award-winning characters of the S 100 responsible for the worldwide success of the model, which includes an adjustable single-stage trigger, three-position safety, German Cold Hammer-Forged original SAUER barrel and the famously smooth SAUER action paired with the additional benefits of the AG Composite stock. All of these features set the standard at an affordable price for long-range shooting that others can aspire to.


• CERAKOTE coating on barrel
• Action and bolt knob
• Neutral cast for both left and right-handed shooters
• Cold hammer forges SAUER barrel
• Three position safety
• 60-degree bolt lift
• EVER REST action bedding

• Trigger action from 2.2 – 4.2 lbs
• Double-stack magazine
• 5+1 capacity in standard calibers
• 4+1 capacity in mini and magnum calibers
• Barrel length: standard 22”, magnum 24”
• Suitable for the SAUER HEXALOCK mount


  • .308 Win
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 6.5 PRC
  • .300 Win. Mag.

* Stocks and barreled actions NOT sold separately.

* Factory ammunition highly recommended.


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